Probing specific digital habits of your customers

One area of research we find many digital marketers ignore is utilizing research to probe on digital habits–specifically for heavy users or super fans–and comparing that to anonymized Ad Analytics data (i.e. 3rd party Behavioral data). . This can be extremely insightful for your Advertising targeting folks, and can often confirm or supplement information they receive from the 3rd party cookie information.

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Often, we find large differences between groups of web users. For example, visitors to your web site might have vastly different profiles than Facebook fans, or mobile app users, or even older email list members. Carefully matching targeted research to higher-level Ad targeting feedback can be a great way to identify lower cost (more efficient) ad inventory AND also help make ad creative much more relevant and specific to the Audience you are trying to reach.

Measure twice, Serve once! (As Ben might have said today)…

Happy Hunting!